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Zone Alarm

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
The most often downloaded software-only firewall solution. Comes in two versions:

Zone Alarm - free download
Zone Alarm Pro - with more features

If you have a DSL connection or if you connect to the Internet at all from home, this program is a must! -- Alex Feldstein
See also: Gibson Research for "Shield's Up!" test and Steve Gibson's research on firewalls. -- Ted Roche
I'll back this up, with 30 minutes of having my ADSL connection (installed Zone Alarm first) I'd had 5 attempts to connect to my machine. Someone is out there looking for you, get it now. -- ChrisJohnson

Almost as interesting is seeing how often installed applications (Real Player, Windows Update) will connect out to the internet. Zone Alarm watches traffic both ways... -- BarryDempsey

That is correct. Several programs want to "call home" unbeknownst to you. Now you have control and can decide if you want to allow it on a per-program or per-instance basis (your choice). -- Alex Feldstein

After reading about Denial of Service attacks on and what Steve Gibson found in his research, I've installed Zone Alarm and not had a single problem. -- Craig Berntson
This is a program to analyze your Zone Alarm's log: Zone Log Analyzer -- Alex Feldstein
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