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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
This topic begins with an underscore. Underscore topics are used as Topic Annotations.

As an underscore topic, this topic:
  • will not appear on the recent changes lists,
  • will not appear in alphabetic lists,
  • will not appear in category lists1
  • will be found as a result of a Find,
  • will be accessible by following a link to this topic or by typing it into the wiki URL,
  • will be found on the Recent Changes X list
    So why have topics beginning with an underscore like this? Because sometimes you want to refactor material into a subtopic without making that subtopic a full-blown, stand-alone topic. Things like code listings, side bars, or just to move out old wood without undue offence to anybody.
    An attempt to make it clearer the differences between single and double underscore topics. -- df Thanks David. I was just about to clarify this here and voilá, you beat me to it :-)-- Steven Black
    Attribute Single
    Appears on the recent changes lists? no no
    Appears in alphabetic lists? no no
    Appears in category lists no1 no
    Can be found from ?Find yes no
    Will be found on the Recent Changes X yes yes

    1 though I could be convinced otherwise-- Steven Black
    See __ More About Double Underscore Topics
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