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This page contains a reverse chronological listing of announcements that have been made about the ongoing poll of the Visual FoxPro community (see Will Microsoft Market VFP). The most recent threads are at the top of the list.

In the interest of spreading the word as quickly as possible, supporters are urged to make sure that notices have been posted to all the important VFP forums around the world. If you are active in a regional forum or you know of a group that hasn't yet been notified, it would be a big help if you could post an announcement like one of those listed on this page. Once you've made the posting, please add a corresponding entry to the top of the list. Those who are multi-lingual are especially called upon to help get the word out to non-English speaking segments of the VFP community. If you are active in a regional VFP user group or forum, please make sure that there is an announcement and a note about it in the listing below, so that other people will get the idea. If you know of an announcement that has already been made, but isn't listed below, please add an entry for it, so that we can keep track of the places that have been covered.

To search for all related Usenet postings on Google, try this:

6/14/01 announcement by Vladimir Zhuravlev on the Russian Visual FoxPro Club home page
(The following is a crude translation of what was posted, with links pointing to a Russian translation of Mike Asherman's Open Letter to Microsoft.)
(Banner) The post card in Microsoft concerning operation above VFP
Site News: 14.06.2001 - Dear colleagues. Michael Asherman has written the post card in the Microsoftware concerning further destiny Visual FoxPro. We call each of you to whom the destiny of this language is not indifferent, and destiny of many of us to be signed under this letter.
5/7/01 article by Mike Asherman in the VFUG May 2001 Newsletter
Subject: Where's the Marketing?

With the release of Visual FoxPro 7.0 scheduled for "late this spring", it's reasonable to wonder when the VFP marketing will begin. Isn't it customary to initiate a marketing campaign in advance of a significant new release? Microsoft started marketing .NET almost a year ago, and it's not even scheduled to ship for months. VFP is more than ready to sell, but isn't it overdue for some marketing?

Why the sudden concern about marketing, or lack thereof, when VFP has survived without it for all these years? The main problem is that chronic neglect has taken its toll on the VFP job market, not just in absolute numbers, but relative to just about every other segment of programming. With the recent downturn in the economy, the VFP job market has nothing left to surrender. To make matters worse, Microsoft's announcement of its intention to remove VFP from Visual Studio has reinforced the general public's doubts about the future of VFP. In the absence of any positive spin from Microsoft on this piece of news, the VFP community faces a public relations disaster. If you've enjoyed making a living from your hard-earned FoxPro programming skills, you have plenty of reason to be concerned.

How could we hope to influence Microsoft's plans for marketing VFP, when years of previous efforts to do that have failed? We can influence Microsoft, and it will be easy if we go about it sensibly. The VB community didn't have to squawk for long to get Microsoft to alter its plans for VB.NET. Of course VFP doesn't have nearly the clout of VB, but we've got some things in our favor. We can be persuasive by sending a coherent message with such clarity and force that it simply can't be ignored. The case has already been made: we need very little from Microsoft and they have nothing to lose and much to gain by obliging us. If you haven't yet reviewed the online discussion that's been going on for the past couple of months, you might find it interesting to look over the VFP Marketing references outlined at

What remains to be done, and by whom? The simplest thing you could possibly do would be to make a wish, but that doesn't sound too promising. The second easiest conceivable action you could take would be to utter a single syllable: just say Yes. Let me add your name to the list of those who would consider signing an open letter to Microsoft encouraging them to do a better job marketing VFP. Easy enough, but if it sounds a little scary you should take some comfort in the knowledge that more than 600 people (including 7 Microsoft VFP MVPs) have already put their names on this list, which you can see at

The need for better marketing is an issue on which the VFP community is in virtually unanimous agreement, and by conservative estimates we are at least 100,000, maybe more than a million strong. That is a lot of people, considerably more than the total number of Microsoft employees worldwide. Is there really any doubt that Microsoft would be influenced by a very clear and reasonable request, a modest one at that, from so large a group of their own customers?

If you've taken the trouble to read this far, I'd like to thank you for your interest and finish with this small request: please vote. You can email your vote to me, Mike Asherman, at, or use your browser to post a message at, or enter your name on the Fox Wiki at When you vote, indicate how you want your name to appear (pseudonyms are OK) and whether you'd like to include an optional email link. You are welcome to add your own comments on either the Wiki or Idea Xchg if you have the time, but in any case, please take only a single minute more to cast your vote, Yes or No.
3/28/01 email from Fernando Alvares to
Subject: Open Letter to Microsoft

Dear Italian Visual Foxpro Developers at Foxitaly

(same text as sent to dFPUG - deutschsprachige FoxPro User Group on 3/24, but substituting link to _ Will Microsoft Market VFP _ Italiano in place of _ Will Microsoft Market VFP _ Deutsch)
3/26/01 posting by Mike Asherman to the Universal Thread
Subject: draft Open Letter to Microsoft

In case you missed it, my draft Open Letter to Microsoft is here:

If you would like to add your endorsement to this letter or you would consider endorsing some variation of such a letter, because you agree that Visual FoxPro marketing needs help, cast your "Yes" vote by replying to this message or by going to one of the following pages:

Also see, which lists more than 500 VFP programmers who have already voiced their support for better promoting VFP. Please join us!
3/26/01 posting by Mike Asherman to
Subject: draft Open Letter to Microsoft

(same as posting to
3/26/01 posting by Mike Asherman to
Subject: draft Open Letter to Microsoft

(same as posting of the same day to UT)
3/24/01 email from Fernando Alvares to the dFPUG deutschsprachige FoxPro User Group
Subject: Open Letter to Microsoft

Dear German Speaking Visual Foxpro Developers at
deutschsprachige FoxPro User Group

First of all let me apologize by not writing this email in german, but I am brazilian person, so a portuguese speaker who can express himself barely in english, but I hope to have your compreension.

The purpose of this email is of importance because it refers to an issue of our mutual interest wich is the future of VFP. There is a poll taking place at where people can express their opinion about the marketing being done by Microsoft on VFP. I would like to ask you to consider taking a look at that discussion and all the relative pages concerned to it and, if you find this matter relevant and that it deserves the attention of your community, you would be doing a great favor to the whole VFP community spreading this message.

You can check it and then point a link, if you may find it appropriate to do so, to a page that was totally written in german to make it easy to the non english speaking people of your community that may eventually want to check its contents. We did so because we know the importance that you german speaking developers have in our worldwide community.

I thank you very much for the attention that you gave me by reading this message, and I will be very greatefull if you could take a time and look at the page that I refered to. Its link is < >

You may find the discussion pages self explanatory but if by any reason you need aditional information that I can provide, please ask me and I'll be very happy to help you.

Sincerelly, Fernando Alvares
3/19/01 posting by Mike Asherman to the Universal Thread
Subject: VFP Non-Marketing News Flash

It's Monday, and that means I just received another exciting issue of the Microsoft Direct Access Newsletter for March 19, 2001. I see that this week Visio continues to get prominent billing, along with the usual pitches for SQL Server, MS Office, .NET, and diverse tidbits. Sorry to report that also as usual, there is no reference to VFP. Shucks. I was hoping that maybe the 469 customers (including 7 MVPs) who expressed their interest in better promoting VFP might have inspired MS to make a slight alteration to the usual topics of non-interest in this week's newsletter. (It's curious that Visio plays such a prominent role in MS' .NET strategy; I guess they're not too worried about its stealing sales from PowerPoint.)

Another item I received today from Microsoft was the latest issue of MSDN Flash, Volume 5, Number 5, March 19, 2001. Here, VFP gets one prominent mention, which reads thus:
"* Visual FoxPro 7.0
This has entered Beta 2 and is shipping earlier than expected. VFP 7.0 will not be included in the upcoming Visual Studio.NET product but will continue to be available via MSDN Subscriptions. Microsoft will continue to support FoxPro developers worldwide by improving and advancing their favorite tool in version 7.0 and beyond. "
Hmmm... Not exactly what I would call a marketing piece. In fact, if you were simply to add "... until it dies", you'd have something that reads more like a future obituary. Gee, I think we could use a little damage control here, or people are going to start getting the wrong idea about Microsoft's intentions! If this was the product of the VFP marketing department, if there is one, I'd say they could use a little help from the VFP community.

Just a 'fer instance, but suppose that Microsoft had put it like this::
"Microsoft reveals its plans for Visual FoxPro as a complement to its .NET offerings. Recognizing that VFP is a proven, established platform for developing robust, high-performance desktop and net-enabled solutions today, the schedule for shipping VFP 7.0 Beta 2 has been accelerated. VFP 7.0 will be aggressively marketed as a separate product from Visual Studio.NET, offering a wide range of integration options with both .NET and other established Microsoft interoperability standards, such as COM, DCOM, ActiveX, etc."
Now I ask you, as a VFP developer, would you object to seeing something like this in the Microsoft Direct Access Newsletter, and in place of the rather morbid announcement in MSDN Flash? Would you consider giving some encouragement to MS to do something like this? If so, please add your name to those of the hundreds who signed

Let's not lose time waiting for someone else to take the initiative, because every day we delay is another day that VFP sinks deeper into the pit of oblivion (or is it the slough of despond?). All you have to do is respond "Yes" to this posting, or vote on the Fox Wiki at, or post a message to the Idea Xchg forum at You couldn't ask for an easier way to make a difference in the future of VFP.


Mike Asherman
3/19/01 posting by Mike Asherman to
Subject: VFP Non-Marketing News Flash

(same as posting to
3/19/01 posting by Mike Asherman to
Subject: VFP Non-Marketing News Flash

(same as posting of the same day to UT)
3/17/01 Editorial in this month issue of RapoZine

RapoZine (brazilian Visual FoxPro magazine in portuguese) noticed in this month's issue editorial the poll that is taking place at this wiki, giving their readers the url to have access to the discussion, comments and voting list. I, as a brasilian VFPer, am very glad with this iniciative of our fellows at RapoZine, that showed great respect and commitment with the brazilian VFP developers community. Their positioning was totaly neutral: just gave the ways for their readers to know what is happening and take their own decision. Thanks folks, we are very proud of you! -- Fernando Alvares
3/13/01 posting by Frederic Steczycki on
Subject: De Mike Asherman...

Je sais que la traduction de ce document est fastidieuse, mais jetez-y un oeil quand mme.

(a copy of the mda posting of 3/12 was included after this - voyez _ Will Microsoft Market VFP _ Francais)
3/12/01 posting by Mike Asherman to the Universal Thread
Subject: Dear MS, Let us help you market VFP

Status of the Will Microsoft Market VFP Poll

In case you haven't looked lately, there were some changes made this past week to the organization of the poll at The primary text and list of voter names now reside on a page entitled "Will Microsoft Market Visual FoxPro?" at, where they are no longer subject to accidental damage, which became an increasing problem on the Fox Wiki. Also see the outline of References near the bottom of the page for links to related pages on Wiki, Universal Thread, and Usenet via Google. There is a tip at the bottom of the page about a handy framed mode of viewing VFP Marketing topics by going to I've been updating these pages on a daily basis with additional references and names as they come in via Wiki, UT, Usenet, email, etc.

You can still vote and add your comments on the Fox Wiki, as before, plus there are now translated polling pages at the following URLs:
The wiki-based polling pages will be periodically purged as names are moved into the main list on Idea Xchg. This makes it simpler, safer, and more efficient to vote via wiki. People should double-check that their name appears on the main list, and resubmit if your vote has been lost.

Also there is now an additional facility enabling people to vote or contribute to the discussion simply by posting a message to You can see an outline of this threaded discussion area at Anyone can view, refer to, and post messages here, in total anonymity if desired. These messages cannot be accidentally deleted, nor do I intend to delete them unless they are duplications, off-topic, or so outrageous as to be liable to cause a lawsuit.

Where's the Letter?

I want to respond to the variations of this question that have been raised by many people, who have expressed a growing impatience about my rather abstract way of posing the proposition in the first place. I started with the lowest common denominator, a question deliberately put in such a way that it could hardly fail to be answered in the affirmative by the overwhelming majority of the VFP community:
"Would you consider signing an open letter to Microsoft encouraging them to take VFP marketing and promotion much more seriously?"
Now that a respectable number of people (almost 450 at last count) have confirmed our expectations about the degree to which the VFP community is indeed in agreement on this question, there is an impatience to move on to drafting such a letter and presenting it to all for further consideration, signing, and delivery to Microsoft. My view is that to proceed without making a proper effort to poll the entire VFP community would be like holding an election before giving people a chance to register to vote.

But in the interest of appeasing those who are not content to wait, let me be absolutely clear about the sort of letter that I have in mind:
Dear Microsoft,

Please, let us help you market Visual FoxPro. You've done a great job selling it to us! Now we'd like to tell you why and how you should be promoting this fine product to a wider audience than ourselves. See ... for more info, if you're interested.

(50 thousand customers)
This is not a joke! It's a reasonable and appropriate attempt by a rather sizeable group of like-minded customers to enter into a substantive conversation with an extremely powerful vendor about a subject of mutual interest. If we can't at least get a response from Microsoft like "How may we be of service to you?" from such a letter, then what hope could we have for any more specific request from a group one hundredth the size?

Now let me be more specific about what sort of first action we might hope to see from MS, which I've raised a number of times before, but whose significance does not seem to be widely appreciated, so I'll say it again right here. Just today, I received another issue of the Microsoft Direct Access Newsletter, a weekly email-based PR vehicle to which I certainly never subscribed, but I presume MS sends out to a broad, gigantic mailing list. This is not a technical bulletin, like the less frequent MSDN Update, where flagrant promotional hype would be unwelcome. One expects nothing but spam, marketing, spam, spam, veiled threats about piracy, spam, and self-serving announcements in the Microsoft Direct Access Newsletter. Nevertheless, it would be noteworthy if MS began including a blurb about Visual FoxPro in these newsletters, especially if we helped them compose these blurbs. That's how we can help Microsoft market VFP, to be specific, for starters. My suggestion is in no way meant to imply that we have no further suggestions, but let's focus on this particular idea first, because it costs MS nothing, it's visible, it's significant, and it could easily be done immediately. Microsoft may have noticed our campaign over the past few weeks, but their failure to make the slightest effort to pay their respects to VFP in the Direct Access Newsletter to this date tells me that we have not yet succeeded at getting them to take us seriously. What reason do we have, other than blind faith, to believe there will be significant improvements to come in VFP marketing, when MS persists in this affront from week to week? This is not a VFP 7.0 issue. There is no reason why we should be content to talk about VFP marketing exclusively in the future tense!

Getting on with it

To those who have been telling me to "Get on with it", I hope there is no lingering question as to whether I, for one, have gotten on with it. Now I'm asking the rest of you to do the same. If you haven't yet cast your vote, inquire of yourself whether you might consider openly asking Microsoft to allow you to help them market VFP, or perhaps wording it a little differently, but words to that effect. Would it be too great an offense for a customer to ask this of a vendor? Do you have so little at stake that you can't even bring yourself to say "Yes", despite this plea from the hundreds of us who have already said that we care?

To those who voted, I ask that you think about how much greater impact your vote would have if there were 5, 10, or 100 more people behind each of you. Help spread the word to your friends and associates who aren't active on the web or whose activities are confined to local user groups, and help convey their votes back to the list. Every one of those people will count as much as you do. Let's make sure that one way or another, every VFP programmer in the world knows what we're talking about when someone asks "Are you on the list?".

To those who are leaders in the VFP community: show us your leadership! We respect you, and we're yearning for your active support and guidance. You are inseparable from us in this campaign of, by, and for the FoxPro community. We deserve your help, and you deserve the credit for making all of this possible in the first place.

So please, guys, I really need to get back to work. Don't make me go on to tell you the parable of the elephant and the field mice...
3/12/01 posting by Mike Asherman to
Subject: Dear MS, Let us help you market VFP

(same as posting to
3/12/01 posting by Mike Asherman to
Subject: Dear MS, Let us help you market VFP

(same as posting of the same day to UT)
3/5/01 posting by Mike Asherman to the Universal Thread
Subject: Will Microsoft Market VFP - what next?

A couple of weeks ago, I started a poll of the Visual FoxPro community to determine the extent of support for sending an open letter to Microsoft encouraging them to do a better job of marketing and promoting VFP. (If you haven't yet seen, please take a moment to review it and cast your own vote.) As we now approach a count of 400 voters, with more than 99% voting in favor of the idea, I want to address what I think should happen next.

There can hardly be any question of a widespread consensus, both openly stated and less openly, but no less strongly shared by an overwhelming majority of the VFP community that MS is not doing enough to market and promote VFP, that we want this to change, and that it would also be in Microsoft's best interest do this. Many of us, myself included, have questioned whether an "open letter" to MS will merely be another ineffectual repetition of the same tired message we've muttered year after year. Now it's time to take stock of the situation and consider how we can make sure that this effort turns into more than a token gesture.

Understand that the real objective of this poll was not to prove to ourselves that we support this idea, nor was the objective to produce a letter to Microsoft. The objective was and is to achieve a swift, significant, and lasting improvement in the promotion of Visual FoxPro to an audience beyond the VFP community itself. The letter to MS is a means to that ultimate end, and this poll is the means to creating an effective letter. Whatever the medium, whatever the message, whomever the audience, the impact of our collective voice will be directly proportional to the number of us who speak in unison.

There will be plenty of administrative and creative work ahead of us, and this will not be easy, but it will be worth our while and we'll have the resources to meet these challenges if we have enough supporters. What is enough? I don't know exactly, but I'd say it should be something much closer to the actual size of the entire VFP community, i.e. a number that is orders of magnitude larger that what we've attained so far. Is this achievable? Sure it is! Look at the page and ask yourself, "Have we even tried to spread this message out to the whole VFP community?" If we had, you would see evidence of announcements to all of the major regional VFP user groups. If you know of an announcement that was posted but not recorded in this page, please add an entry for it. If you are active in a regional forum that has never displayed such an announcement, please make the posting yourself, and add a corresponding entry in list. If you are multi-lingual, see if you can translate an announcement into a language that hasn't yet been covered, and put the text of your translated message into the list. We won't reach everyone with these forum postings, but we'll reach enough people in enough places to start a process that could percolate down to the grass roots across the whole world within a matter of weeks. If you want this campaign to be successful, there's nothing more important, nothing easier, and nothing that will yield a greater return on the energy expended than making this small, concerted effort to spread the word as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We owe it to ourselves to establish a voice that is truly representative of the entire united VFP community. In voting to consider an open letter, we are also registering our right to participate in any and all future actions we may collectively take to promote Visual FoxPro. Why should we forget what united us in the first place, and what we labored so hard to assemble? Microsoft certainly knows the names of its own customers, but now we need to know each other too, so we can begin to more effectively represent ourselves.

Thanks and best wishes to all, Mike Asherman
3/5/01 posting by Mike Asherman to
Subject: Will Microsoft Market VFP - what next?
(same as posting to
3/5/01 posting by Mike Asherman to
Subject: Will Microsoft Market VFP - what next?
(same as posting of the same day to UT)
3/02/01 Nadya Nosonovsky Dropped a short note in Russian forum (Guest Book).

It's really short: VFP, check out Wi Ki (link)
3/01/01 posting by Fernando Alvares to the - Portugal
Subject: Will Microsoft market VFP? Aqui esta nossa chance de fazer acontecer !

Same as to
2/28/01 posting by Fernando Alvares to the - Brazil
Subject: Will Microsoft Market VFP

Same as to
2/27/01 posting by Fernando Alvares to the - Brazil
Subject: Will Microsoft Market VFP

Nao podemos nos omitir neste momento tao importante para nossa comunidade. Vamos expressar nossa manifestacao de apoio a esta campanha importante para os nossos interesses, mostrando a forca da comunidade VFP brasileira.

Voces da Foxbrasil, com este seu poderoso instrumento, podem realizar um trabalho de divulgacao do que esta acontecendo neste momento la no, e conclamar todos os nossos colegas para engossar a lista dos insatisfeitos com a atual situacao de desinteresse da Microsoft com o Visual FoxPro e, portanto, conosco. Vamos todos votar Sim, e mostrar nosso descontentamento, para que a MS mude a sua atual politica de divulgacao do VFP (que na verdade e no divulgar nada), fazendo com que a ferramenta de desenvolvimento de nossa escolha, tenha o lugar de destaque que a ela lhe cabe.

A votacao esta sendo realizada em:

Veja tambem:
2/22/01 posting by Mike Asherman to alt.os.multics
Subject: Re: am I missing something?

It's been a long time, and I'm truly amazed to find a surviving community of Multicians. I was very sorry to read Corby's letter only recently, after having been futher astonished to hear that there were still a few lingering Multices up and running a few months earlier. Anyway, I stumbled across the Multicians web site by accident, and I couldn't help being struck by a parallel to the fate of another product I've gotten pretty seriously sucked into for the past decade, namely Microsoft's Visual FoxPro. There's no comparing Microsoft to Honeywell, but the adopted child syndrome and attendant lack of serious marketing are similar. Anyway, to make a long story short, at Tom Van Vleck's suggestion I offer you a glimpse of the drama that unfolds when a small but fanatically devoted community of developers, instigated by yours truly, tries to influence a corporate giant's compulsion to shoot itself in the foot:

If there are any other Multician/VFP-ers out there, you have a moral obligation to vote in this poll. Anyone who feels so inclined is welcome to offer their comments on this (or any other) wiki page. You might also find it interesting to explore wiki in general, as it is a very interesting system containing useful information about many general programming topics. Here's a good starting point for learning about Wiki:

Best wishes to all of you old-timers out there!
2/17/01 posting by Alex Wieder to
Subject: Carta abierta a Microsoft

Hola grupo,

Se est formando una iniciativa para escribirle una carta abierta de los desarrolladores de VFP a microsoft con el fin de pedirles que de una vez por todas tomen medidas importantes con respecto a mercadear el producto del que muchos de nosotros vivimos.

Con esta finalidad se ha creado una pgina en el wiki de fox donde podemos agregar nuestros nombres como personas interesadas en considerar firmar dicha carta (que an est en "borrador").

Si quieren incluir sus nombres en la lista por favor visiten donde podrn hacerlo.

Si no hablan Ingls no tiene importancia, ya que an as podrn participar.

Si tienen dudas de cmo incluirse en la lista de nombres, djenme saber y yo con gusto agregar sus nombres.


2/16/01 posting by Mike Asherman to
Subject: will Microsoft market VFP - here's your chance to make it happen

(same initial posting as the posting as the one made to
2/16/01 posting by Mike Asherman to
Subject: will Microsoft market VFP - here's your chance to make it happen

If you care about the future of Visual FoxPro, check out Please take a second to cast your vote in this informal poll of the entire VFP community. If you'd like someone to add your name to the Yes or No list without
personally editing the wiki page, just post a reply so indicating to this thread, and someone will do it for you. (You can also use the Edit link in the top and bottom navigation bars to directly edit the page yourself. See for help on using wiki.)
2/16/01 posting by Mike Asherman to the Universal Thread
Subject: WiKiWatch #911 - Will Microsoft Market VFP (Thread #476808 Message #476808)

I've got a hunch that an intellectual big bang has been kindled on the Wiki. It seems to be down at the moment, but when it comes back to life, you should check out Please take a second to cast your vote in this informal poll of the entire VFP community. If you'd like someone else to put your name on the list without having to personally edit the wiki page, just post a reply so indicating to this thread, and someone will do it for you.
2/15/01 posting by Alex Feldstein to
Subject: Carta abierta a Microsoft

Muchos programadores de VFP estamos en un proceso de crear una Carta Abierta a Microsoft.

La idea fue comenzada por Steven Black, basada en el tpico expuesto en el documento, principalmente for Mike Asherman, Mike Feltman y otros. Esto sali de las
discuciones que hemos estado teniendo estos ltimos tiempos sobre si VFP debe o no formar parte de VS.Net. Estos tpicos son, a mi modo de ver, de capital importancia para nuestro futuro profesional con esta herramienta.

Esta carta tiene como objetivo tratar de hacer entender a Microsoft que no promocionar debidamente a VFP va contra sus propios intereses.

Si les interesa colaborar en este proyecto, o al menos informarse de que es lo que la comunidad mundial de programadores de VFP est haciendo para tratar de ayudarnos unos a otros, recomiendo leer primero:

La carta se est creando en:
I think that things are probably getting stretched quite a bit here. I can't tell for sure but from reading Steven Black's comments on Open Letter Bogus Counter Arguments I believe it is unlikely that he started the Will Microsoft Market VFP topic and/or idea, and if he in fact didn't highly inappropriate to say that he did. Alex, can you clarify things here? Is this true? JCrescencio Flores
It wasn't entirely obvious to anyone how this got started, but I guess I'm the chief culprit. Steve provided the medium, and Mike Feltman pulled the trigger. See for further details. - ?mda
Right, I know that much. But the spanish text above states that the marketing and/or open letter idea was started by Steven Black. What about this? JCF
To clarify, I created the open letter topics organized around problem, factors to consider, options, recommendation, and implementation. Before that I was essentially uninvolved. Since then I've been refactoring the open letter topics since the open letter topics are the open letter. -- Steven Black
JC: I was mistaken on the original posting, as mentioned here. Steve, my apologies. -- Alex Feldstein
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