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efGroup is producing 2 College Level Programming Contests in the US this year, one for spring term and another for fall term, to coincide with and predate 2 VFP DevCons. We are looking for volunteers for 4 categories:

1. get the word out - Distribute our CollegeCon Flyers both in person and electronically to all of the universities in your area in both January and August.

2. electronic virtual judges - Review submissions during a 3 week period and grade on a scale during April and October, no more than 5 to an EVJ.

3. electronic virtual mentors - assist CollegeCon entrants with basic VFP stuff online within any of the VFP online communities

4. Event Judges - need 20 per term. You will form the panel for the final leg of the competition and each judge will be assigned to do a real time stand up peer review of ONE entrant, whilst the other 19 make scoring marks on our scoring system. We will pay for your airfare, conference registration fees and hotel (our 2 days plus the conference days). You'll be responsible for your own food and booze. We will be taping the Final Leg and getting a video release from you; content will be rebroadcast after editing.

for more info please email to [ CCVol at efgroup dot net ]

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