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I have 2 files company table and child contact table.

ncompany_id is interger and child contact table contains ncompany_id as a foreign key.

My problem is I could easiy set the relation to the child table. But i would like to display the child tables related records on order of the Surname.

I'm displaying parent and child details in a grid so when i move the parent record, i can easily display the corrosponding child records. But i do like the display order to be Contact.Surname. How can i do this?

Thanks in advance
I'd not recommend accessing the tables directly like that. I'd use SQL and create a cursor for the child grid. Make the cursor updatable and it becomes like a view. However, if you want to do it directly...

index the child table

 INDEX ON PADL(STR(ncompany_id),10)+Surname TAG newtag 

then from the parent table

 SET RELATION TO PADL(STR(nCompany_ID,10)) INTO Contacts
-- Mike Yearwood
( Topic last updated: 2005.10.26 10:58:49 AM )