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sqlservertablelocked ?!

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

recently I started a new foxpro project, I decided to go for sql server because you can change table structures when everybody is using it; no need to get everybody out of the application!

I work with remote views to access the sql server database (so I didn't have to change all the existing code..)

I've got a strange problem though, when I just browse a sql server table from my application (eg select statement); I can still view the table and edit it's structure.

However, when I work with buffering (all my management forms are based on buffering), I can't open my table anymore from sql server manager.. It looks like my foxpro application has locked the sql server table.. Until my form is open, I cant view the table in the sql server manager. From the moment I close it, the browse windows pops up immediately!

I hope that there is a fix for this one :-S

If somebody got a good foxpro class for management forms (tab1 = record; tab2 = overview of the table) that use sql server and doesn't have those problems, I can help me out too!

Thanks in advance!

PS: I work with private data sessions, I don't know whether this can cause it..
( Topic last updated: 2006.09.19 09:52:38 AM )