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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
What is the difference between a cursor made using Create Cursor (...) and an 'Active View Cursor' as returned by SQLEXEC()?

If I understand the VFP help I should be able to make a cursor using code, set properties using CURSORSETPROP() and update my remote table using a TableUpdate()

However when I try to issue the following commands (except the 'keyfieldlist' one) I get a 'Property is invalid for table cursors' error.

CURSORSETPROP("Tables", lcRemoteTable, lcCursor)
CURSORSETPROP("KeyfieldList", lcKeyfieldList, lcCursor)
CURSORSETPROP("UpdatableFieldList", lcUpdateablefieldList, lcCursor)
CURSORSETPROP("UpdateNameList", lcUpdateNameList, lcCursor)

CURSORSETPROP("SendUpdates", .T., lcCursor)
CURSORSETPROP("BatchUpdateCount", lnBatchUpdateCount, lcCursor)
CURSORSETPROP('buffering', 5, lcCursor) && Optimistic Table

OK, so according to the hackers guide :
For tables and cursors, the only property that can be changed is Buffering.
So it seems what Im trying to do is not possible.

SO going back to my original question, what does the cursor returned from SPT have that my created cursor does not?

Actually It's possible to do what you want. What's your lcUpdateNameList string? It has to be of the type "localcursorfieldname1 ServerTable.fieldname1, ..., LocalCursorN ServerTable.fieldnameN".

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