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wOOdy is the nickname of Juergen Wondzinski, the one with the Fox on his shoulder....
wOOdy would not say this, but he is one of the top VFP guru's in Europe. wOOdy gets to write his code in Bavaria while viewing some of the best scenery in the world.

Recently he added some codesnippets at

wOOdy, the FOXil! I'm one of the Oldtimers in that area, working with FoxPro since the beginning in 1989.

Back in 1992 I first layed the groundwork for the german FoxPro Usergroup (which later on became the dFPUG, and lead by Rainer Becker), and then founded "ProLib Software GmbH", which quickly grew up to the leading company for FoxPro in Europe. At the best times we had more than 40 employees and hosted 5 MVPs, working on various projects worldwide.
We developed sucessful products like "Active FoxPro Pages" and our classlibrary "Acodey" as well as custom software packages (some of them had several thousand users worldwide), utilizing data from Oracle- and MS-SQL servers.

Due to the bank-crisis and also deceived by some cheating employees, ProLib lost two huge customer projects, which in effect killed the company. ProLib Software GmbH finally went bankrupt in July 2009, followed by ProLib Ltd Mauritius and ProLib Tools GmbH shortly after, leaving me and my partner Georg Emrich with lots of debits (because we believed in our collegues and customers).

Personally I trained more than 300 programmers over the years, spoke on at least 15 german DevCons and some Microsoft events, and coached over 100 companies with their projects.

I got nominated a MVP for 14 times, making me the longeststanding MVP in Germany ever (And then I was kicked out of the MVP program because I accidently made public an NDA-covered information via Twitter. Damn! (See , second bullet)

Today, I'm back on my own feets, self-employed and happily hacking away, mostly stil in VFP,a little bit in VB.NET, but now switching to Servoy as my primary development solution.

If you need a helping hand: just give me a call at +49(176)63356547 or skype me (callto:woody-soft) or email me at juergen(at)

Here's a link to all my wiki-posts:

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