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xCase Integration

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
The level of integration (if any) a particular Frame Work has with xCase.
xCas2DBC.PRG is a utility that comes with Stonefield Database Toolkit (SDT) to import from an xCase model into DBCX meta data. This tool is much less useful with DBCX 2 than it was with DBCX 1 because DBCX 2 has more capabilities and is much faster. Now, you simply need to have xCase generate the DBC and tables and then use DBCXMgr's Validate method to populate the meta data. xCas2DBC.PRG will fill in additional things for you, such as table and index captions and virtual fields, and will add domains defined in xCase to the SDT Field Repository.
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-- Doug Hennig

Awesome. Even though it doesn't do what I need, it looks like it is 90% there. What I am looking for is a way to move Captions defined on my Sql tables into the VFP view's DBCX2. Any sugestions before I get under way? - ?cfk

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