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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
xbScript for Microsoft ActiveScript Hosts, is now available for download from the xHarbour Community Center:

Direct link:

What is "ActiveScript compliant xbScript Dll":

xbScript is an xBase scripting engine, compliant with the Microsoft ActiveScript specifications. The Microsoft ActiveScript specifications are standardized conventions based on OLE, to enable script engines in varieties of environments (Script Hosts).

xbScript.dll enables xBase scripting (exactly like MS vbScript and JScript) including the complete Clipper/xHarbour RTL, OOP, DBFNTX, DBFCDX, etc., in any MS ActiveScript compliant Host. For example:

- Windows Script Host
- Internet Explorer (html scripts)
- IIS (asp scripts)

What's new:

xbScript now includes an xHarbour compatible native PCODE compiler. This translates to even higher xBase compatibility, and a script execution speed comparable with compiled xBase applications. All of Clipper and xHarbour syntax is now supported, (and most of FoxPro syntax) except.

- Module wide STATIC variables
- Extended Codeblocks (Extended INLINE Methods *are* supported
using other approach)
- LOCAL, and STATIC variables are simulated using PRIVATE memvars.
- MEVARS, and FIELDS declarations are ignored.
- Detached LOCALs in Codeblocks, as we don't have real LOCALs.

NO REGISTRATION required, and xbScript is FREE of any cost, and offers the unrestricted full version.

You may also get a xbScript, transparently, on demand, by simply reviewing any of the samples, at the bottom of this message.

Online samples:


1. Download the and extract the single xbScript.dll file
into any folder of your choice (recommended \xbScript)
2. Open a DOS Console
3. CD to the folder where you extracted xbScript.dll.
4. Type: Reg Svr 32 xbScript.dll

In the alternate you may simply click any of the above samples, this will automatically download and self register xbScript.dll

How to:

The zip file [or the auto installing cab file] only includes the core xbScript.Dll. You may review the source of any of the above samples, by:

1. Click the sample to open it in your browser.
2. RIGHT Click the page.
3. Click the "View Source" context menu option.

New ASP samples, Documentation, and further information will be available ASAP.


As always, your input is highly appreciated.

Ron Pinkas
( Topic last updated: 2005.12.01 05:31:40 PM )